Why Groom Cats

It is a common misconception that cats groom themselves. What cats actually do is "lick" themselves, depositing dander filled saliva and ingesting loose hair, dust, and debris. This is quite an ineffective way of grooming which is why cats typically suffer from matting, hairballs, dandruff and a variety of other stinky troubles. This is where a professional cat groomer comes in. Regular professional grooming can greatly reduce and sometimes completely eliminate these conditions.

Does your cat suffer from any of the following:

+ matting + litter clumps in between toes
+ hairballs + bad breath
+ dandruff + dirty coat
+ fleas + oozy eyes or ears
+ stinky bottom  

Are your clothes and house covered in cat hair? or Are your stairs and furniture being shredded by sharp claws?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you and your beloved kitty will greatly benefit from the services of a professional cat groomer.

Matting occurs because cats are greasy creatures and they shed. This is just a part of their nature. When loose, shedding hair mixes with grease, dirt, or debris, it forms a tangle. As more hair is shed underneath this tangle, it becomes bigger and is now considered a mat. Regular, professional grooming interrupts this cycle and allows kitty to live mat free.

Hairballs are a result of large amounts of hair being ingested as kitty attempts to "lick" himself clean.It is a losing endeavor that results in slimy deposits on the household floor, usually arriving at the most inconvenient time and place. The bathing and blow-dry process removes the loose hair so kitty doesn't ingest it, thereby dramatically reducing those early morning "surprises" on the kitchen floor.

Dandruff appears when dead skin cells are shed. It is especially unattractive on dark cats, as it gives them a dirty look. Regular bathing is the solution for dandruff as well as a variety of other feline specific condition. Cats can be surprisingly amenable to the bath, allowing a good scrubbing that leads to a beautiful,soft, fresh,sweet-smelling coat.

Fleas are a part of life with felines. Professional grooming is the first step to ridding your cat of fleas, along with a medicated flea treatment. It is important to exercise vigilant flea control to avoid a troublesome infestation.

Shedding fur is a huge concern for most cat owners. If your cat is white, you've stopped wearing black. If your cat is black, white clothes are out of the question. And good luck to the cat lovers who have one of each. Shampooing, blow-drying and a de-shed treatment can virtually put an end to this problem. Imagine no longer having to carry a lint roller in your back pocket! As for those sharp claws, each groom provides nail clipping and upon request, kitty's claws can be covered with nail caps that prevent kitty from scratching the furniture.

Professional cat grooming is the solution for turning a stinky, dirty cat into a deliciously soft, sweet-smelling joy to have on your lap. Cats are not equipped to remove mats from their fur, shampoo dandruff out of their coat, or clip sharp tips off their claws. Sophisticats can do all this and more to ensure that your cat is living a life of comfort and ease.

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